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Simply Mary began her songwriting in 2011 at the age of 34 in a small town in Elk County, PA.  Domestic Violence sparking her first real Album.

Freedom Bound Dedicated To Survivors of Domestic Violence

Finally!  Mary is moving on! It's time for positive, uplifting and moving tunes!

Get ready for a whole new experience!

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​Perfect choice for Female Singer Songwriters who need Professional Images. You need to see him!

Female Singer Songwriters - Simply Mary - God Only Knows

From the 2015 Album Freedom Bound FT Barbara Grant

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Proud to be Endorsed since 2015!​


Providing Resources To Those in Need

Honored to Introduce:​I

My International Redken Master Stylist! A.K.A. #Magicfingers


32nd St and Camelback

Sachi Salon Suites

Biltmore, Scottsdale, Arizona

She is helping me with MY

​Final Transformation

In this #MidLifeCrisis

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Elk County Relay For Life, Kersey, PA

The support from the Community drove me to write more and more.

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​​American Female Singer Songwriters


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Freedom Bound @

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A female singer songwriters 1st Go!

The Album for Survivors of Domestic Violence.

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