To Everyone Who Is Supporting Me:


    There are so many exciting things in store for 2017!

I am now starting on my second Album "MidLife Crisis"

We are set to start shooting the Music Video  for the Title Track this month!

     Also, the song "Don't Look Back" is currently in Production  down at TallCat Studios and is

set to be released this summer for the 2017 Graduating Class!

Most importantly, my Son Tom.

     The Music I am about to release is nothing like the past. We are shooting for a more "Modern" approach this go around. Also I would like to be focusing more on how to make people happy, feeling good, and maybe even dancing!

​      I can't thank everyone enough for the continued support and encouragement to keep trying!

     ​I hope you like what is to come, I can't wait to share it with you!

Simply Mary

​  American Female Singer Songwriters and Musicians          

Freedom Bound @

​TallCat Studios, LLC.

A female singer songwriters dream!

The Album for Survivors of Domestic Violence.

Check out the latest demo for a limited time only!

Keith Adkins Photography

​Perfect choice for Female Singer Songwriters who need Professional Images. You need to see him!

Female Singer Songwriters - Simply Mary - God Only Knows

From the 2015 Album Freedom Bound FT Barbara Grant

The Recording Academy, Simply Mary

Songwriter/ Composer/ Performer

Simply Mary began her songwriting in 2011 at the age of 34 in a small town in Elk County, PA.  Domestic Violence sparking her first real Album.

Freedom Bound Dedicated To Survivors of Domestic Violence

Finally!  Mary is moving on! It's time for positive, uplifting and moving tunes!

Get ready for a whole new experience!

My #favorite part of this #new #song that I'm working on for my New #album #midlifecrisis !! #simplymary #runawaywithyou

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TallCat Studios, LLC, Tom Whiting, Producer
Claire Cappetta, Author, Advocate, Survivor, Life Coach

        ANNOUNCING The Mid Life Crisis

                                        Album Cover Photographers!

ASCAP, Simply Mary
NoMore Org Join The Fight Against DV
Relay For Life, Elk County, Simply Mary, Mike Drier
Photos by Elena and Jim Simply Mary Sean Andre Female Singer Songwriters

L.A. Chapter

Find out how you can help Clear Charity give Diapers to Families in need!

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​  Watch Instagram for the Video Introduction of

My International Redken Master Stylist!

She is helping me with the #IngwieHairChallenge

In this #MidLifeCrisis

​​American Female Singer Songwriters


Elk County Relay For Life, Kersey, PA

The support from the Community drove me to write more and more.

Keith Adkins, Photography, Website, Bradford, PA


Relationship Coach 
Author & Advocate