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Simply Mary, TallCat Studios, Vocalist, Composer, Songwriter, Lyricist, Pianist
Simply Mary, TallCat Studios, Recording Artist, Singer, Songwriter
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​​American Female Singer Songwriters


 More about Simply Mary

What I Do

I'm a lunatic inside my mind. Yes I said it, ha! Creating music seems to settle the storm inside  for a girl like me. With all of life's ups and downs, music has always been there for me. And I have always had a passion for music ever since I first could reach the keys of my Mother's Piano!   

I'm just another one of those American Female Singer  Songwriters who tends to say more than people can handle to hear at times.

Sometimes the words of Artists that I admire so much, can make the difference in my attitude throughout the day. This became an inspiration for me to write as well. 

I am guilty myself of using Lyrics in my songwriting that aren't so nice.

So to help this Positive Vibe thing go viral.

I as a Songwriter, vow to be positive from here on out!


I guess I had this crazy dream back in 2011 to write an entire album someday.

This was after realizing that the dream I had as a child, waas just to write a song, period. As a child, Music made me feel good. So I wanted everyone to feel good I guess.

A very crazy dream , to write a song, so I thought at the time.  My first attempt at even releasing a song  was very messy. I wanted to cut "Dangerous" - a complete mixed up album of songs that I first wrote. Whew! So glad it never came to fruition knowing what I know now!

Then I wanted to do Acoustic Covers, until I found out how much Mechanical Royalties  and Licensing would be. The list goes on and on. I was grasping at strings trying all sorts of things. I taught myself guitar and eventually I landed myself working with musicians in the area. Some of the most dear souls to the birth of Simply Mary!

Along the way I was always  networking with Photographers, Musicians, Composers, Producers.... If they knew music, I wanted to know them. Also, a lot of spending time building that Social Media Presence was invested, that surely paid off later on down the line. You see, it all takes so much time.

I kept playing out, writing, creating, just never had a purpose I suppose.

But then along came a horrifying and life changing experience with Domestic Violence in late 2013;  Sparking the birth of my Debut Album  Freedom Bound -Dedicated to Survivors of Domestic Violence. It was all I had at the time, the words just pouring out into song and eventually the mere "Thought" of an Album - was now a  True Reality for me. I truly believe that you are put right where you are supposed to be, and this was surely something more than just something ironic.

Just prior to this life change I had won prizes and awards to earn Free Radio Rotation on ASCAP's Partner Site AirPlay Direct, a Music Video, and a few other perks. So now I was under the gun for time to boot. At the same time that I was in the deepest distress, I was also very blessed to have something to focus my attention on to get through.

At the same time, I was in such desperation without my children or family, but somehow felt I needed to help every single person that has to go through this, see the light. Somehow I just knew I was going to be alright. But never knew what was about to happen for me to actually begin to  heal.

Focusing on that project drove me CRAZY! But in the end, it saved my soul!

By the end of that journey, Freedom Bound did not accomplish what I had hoped for. Now, after long deliberations on many mixed emotions surrounding the opinions of that Album and it's impact, I have changed my tune. I can look back at Freedom Bound and say WOW! What an experience! I learned so much about structure, timing, performing, vocals, recording.... Oh it's a long list.


I can't help people  by holding on to so much hurt and hatred. So from here on out, positive, uplifting, and life changing music is emerging! ​

I can't wait to show you the new me with my 2nd Album Mid Life Crisis Coming soon! Stay tuned for a Major Transoformation!

We all have it in ourselves to change our lives for the better, or for worse in the end - it's all up to you!  The clock is ticking.... What are you going to do with the rest of your time?  The clock  of life is wound but once.

What will you be doing while it ticks away?

~Simply Mary