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Throughout the Journey I have met many, many musicians. From Pennsylvania, to North Carolina, Nashville, California and Arizona. 

Each experience learning and growing.

Each connection was for a reason. Sometimes our paths would cross again and other times it was just split in two.

I look back on starting out and it is a good thing I have footage to look at! Years down the line I can see that it has all been worth it.

Being a Musician is a struggle. Most of the time people have false visions in their head for what YOU want as a Musician. So we are often very misunderstood beings.

You will hear it all, from great job, to "You Suck" Take it with a grain of salt. Your visions belong to you, and no one else. Embrace them and stay true to yourself and you will go far!

After all - Success is Measured by Your Goals

Not Other's Goals For You

Claire Cappetta, Author, Advocate, Survivor, Life Coach
The Recording Academy, Simply Mary