Throughout the Journey I have met many, many musicians. From Pennsylvania, to North Carolina, Nashville, California and Arizona. 

Each experience learning and growing.

Each connection was for a reason. Sometimes our paths would cross again and other times it was just split in two.

I look back on starting out and it is a good thing I have footage to look at! Years down the line I can see that it has all been worth it.

Being a Musician is a struggle. Most of the time people have false visions in their head for what YOU want as a Musician. So we are often very misunderstood  with our visions and goals to others.

You will hear it all, from great job, to "You Suck" Take it with a grain of salt. Your visions belong to you, and no one else. Embrace them and stay true to yourself and you will go far! If you don't take the time to make it happen, no matter how little, or how much.... It never will if you don't keep trying.

After all - Success is Measured by Your Goals

Not Other People's Goals For You

Now go get 'em Tigers!

Love and Luck

​Simply Mary

​Photos Along The Way...

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